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NEW in the School of EE: English courses

05 May 2020
NEW in the School of EE: English courses

For the first time in Israel, a bachelor's degree program in Electrical and Electronic Engineering is open and taught entirely in English. Until now, the BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering available at Tel Aviv University (TAU) was an outside international program available at a higher cost to international students in Israel. Now however, both Israeli and international students can apply to the School of Electrical Engineering and take courses either completely in English or some in Hebrew depending on their preference.


In light of this exciting change, the Israeli government will provide international students with the same benefits as the Israeli students in regards to tuition costs, making tuition about 1/3 of its original $15,000.


TAU is the largest university in the country. It welcomes over 30,000 students (among them, over 3,000 international students) studying in nine faculties and over 125 schools (is this true?) and departments across the spectrum of sciences, humanities, and the arts. Professor Yossi Rosenwaks, Dean of the Faculty said: “As the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University, I have the privilege and pleasure of leading one of the world's top 100 engineering faculties. The Faculty's main mission is training engineers who will lead the high-tech industries both in Israel and abroad. In August 2018 Tel Aviv University was ranked 8th in the world in the number and quality of graduates turned entrepreneurs, and the Faculty of Engineering was certainly a major contributor to this achievement!”


Students from all around the world already joined the international school and launched the new academic year at Tel Aviv University in October. They are either Israelis or from over 100 other countries such as USA, India, France, Venezuela, Canada, China, South Africa, Guatemala, Japan, Mongolia and many more.


This is an incredible opportunity for any candidate that always wanted to study Electrical Engineering in English in Israel. Our students’ background are  vast: coming from high school, gap year programs, yeshiva, and even the army. The bilingual school represents the perfect solution for any number of students. “We take special pride in our international program in electrical engineering – the only such program in Israel to date – which attracts dozens of exceptional students from many different lands”, says Dean Rosenwaks.


Another area in which TAU continues to lead among the institutions of higher education in Israel and the world is the hi-tech field. Located in the capital of the startup nation, Tel Aviv University couldn’t find a better place to offer its students a direct path to the industry. It is consistently ranked in the top 20 in the world and #1 in University/Industry research collaboration (Insead Global Innovation Index, 2018).


Tel Aviv University’s Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program was always the perfect gateway to Israeli innovation. With its new bilingual school, it is now the ideal path to world innovation as well.


Our mission is to promote relationships with our faculty and the international academic world, as well as to boost Tel Aviv University’s reputation and visibility as one of the leading science and technology universities worldwide. “My door is always open to all students. I will be happy to hear and learn from each and every one of you. I wish you all fruitful studies and challenging, gratifying research.” (Dean Rosenwaks)


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