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    Research Biomedical Engineering
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    Computational and Systems biology
    Researcher Research Topics
    prof. Tamir Tuller Computational biology, Bioinformatics, Systems biology, Synthetic biology, Mathematical and physical models of biological systems (usually intra-cellular process such as gene expression) and biological phenomena, Algorithms and statistical approaches for solving problems in molecular biology, Theoretical analysis of algorithms in the molecular biology, Analysis of large-scale genomic data, Engineering of gene expression.
    Deep Learning in Medical Imaging
    Researcher Research Topics
     Prof. Hayit Greenspan  Deep Learning in Medical Imaging, Medical Image Processing and Analysis, Computer Assisted Diagnosis (CAD), Medical Image Archives – indexing and retrieval, Statistical modeling, Learning systems; Enhancement; Segmentation; Classification; Tracking over time; Brain research, Oncology research, Content-based Image retrieval, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI, DT-MRI), CT, Ultrasound, Optical systems
    Biophotonics, Lasers and Acoustics
    Researcher Research Topics
    Prof. Israel Gannot Teranostics, Multi-modal nanoparticles based diagnostics, treatment and monitoring, Optical fibers and sensors for medical applications, Laser tissue interactions, Photon migration in tissue, Mid Infrared Spectroscopy and Imaging, Biomedical informatics, Practical ethics.
    Prof. Natan Shaked Biomedical Optical Microscopy and Nanoscopy, Optical Interferometric Systems (including Interferometric Phase Microscopy and Optical Coherence Tomography), Optical Imaging and Therapy using Nano-Particles in Biological Cells, Optical Signatures of Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease, Three-Dimensional Optical Imaging and Holography for Biomedical Applications, Optical Biometrics. 
    Dr. Tali Ilovitsh Noninvasive medical ultrasound technologies for imaging and therapy. Ultrasound combined with microbubbles as a theranostic platform for drug and gene delivery, and blood brain barrier opening. Super resolution imaging, ultrasound beam shaping, image processing and 3D ultrasound.
    Bio-Mechanics, Bio-Material, Tissue Engineering
    Researcher Research Topics
    Prof. Shmuel Einav (Emeritus)  Cardiovascular Systems: coronary circulation, blood flow in the heart chambers and heart valves, occluded blood vessels, prosthetic devices - stents, valves and the artificial heart. Biofluid Mechanics: Blood-Tissue interaction, initiation of atherosclerosis, thromboembolism and coagulation, numerical models of blood circulation
    Prof. David Elad Reproductive bioengineering, Biomechanics of Infant feeding, Tissue-engineered biological barriers (uterus, placenta, artery, nose, eyelid), Mechano-biology and physiological environment. Fluid-Structure models of biological flows, Respiratory biomechanics, Nasal airflow and transport, Biomimetic ventilation of interior spaces.
    Prof. Amit Gefen Bio-Mechanics, Biological Tissue, Skeleton, Muscles, Bone Structure, Mechanical Behavior, Illness, Sickness, Injuries, Musculoskeletal Structures, cellular mechanics, mechanobiology, tissue engineering, chronic wounds, pressure ulcers
    Prof. Meital Zilberman Biomaterials, Bioresorbable polymers, Drug-eluting implants, Scaffolds for tissue engineering, Bioadhesives. 
    Biophysical Signals: Modeling and Systems
    Researcher Research Topics
    Prof. Shimon Abboud  Signal processing of ECG, Solving the volume conductor problem in biological tiddue, Modelling the electrical heart and brain activities (congestive heart failure, osteoporosis), Electrical impedance tomography (brain activity), Bio-impedance.
    Prof. Ofer Barnea Development of mathematical models for optimization of medical treatment. Cardiopulmonary measurements, signal analysis and interpretation.
    Prof. Mickey Scheinowitz Exercise and cardiovascular physiology; Wearable chest strap with smart algorithm for exercise training.
    Neuro-Engineering, Biophysics and Imaging
    Researcher Research Topics
    Dr. Uri Nevo Cellular biophysics, MRI, Diffusion weighted imaging,
    Portable MRI systems, Neuroscience,
    ​ Passive sensing of health using mobiles phones 
    Dr .Noam Ben-Eliezer MRI, Medical and Biomedical Imaging, Neurodegenerative diseases,
    Signal processing, Image reconstruction, Accelerated and multiparametric acquisition schemes, Sub-voxel interactions and imaging
    Dr. ben maoz Organ-on-a-Chip, Tissue engineering, Neuronal Engineering,
    ​Brain-on-a-Chip, Traumatic Brain Injury
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