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Ph.D. in Engineering
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Studies for the Ph.D. in the Faculty of Engineering are intended to train the student as a leading expert with vast knowledge, proven ability to conduct independent research, broad horizons in technology and science, and equipped with the tools to make a real contribution to society and the economy. The first stage of the research, the main element of the Ph.D. studies, is determining the forefront of knowledge in the field. The expertise and substantive criticism of past research, establishing research goals, developing an original work plan, and a description of the methods and means for researching an issue while complying with the time table determined in the regulations.

During research, the student will exhibit original thought and the ability to perform academically and critically analyze other studies and data. The thesis is to be written in a clear scientific language. The thesis will summarize all aspects of the research in a practical and critical manner, and will showcase the results and the contribution of the study to the field. The student will develop scientific interest and expand his or her knowledge in technological and scientific issues in areas surrounding the field of expertise. 


TRACKS: There are two tracks of study. All of the tracks require an advisor before starting.

  1. Regular track: Students who have completed an M.Sc. in Engineering can approach the division committee to be accepted as a stage 1 student.
    1. Curriculum: Supplementary courses if needed + 12 credit hours in courses with a minimum final grade of 80 in each course. If a student fails or has a lower grade than 80, he/she can request not to include their grade in the average.
    2. Ph.D. courses are an average of 3 credit hours
    3. Advisor: Each student must have an advisor. The advisor will recommend the academic program, as well as any additional courses needed as per recommendation of the examiners when preparing for the candidate exam.
    4. Duration of studies: From 1.5 years of admission to the program, the student should submit a detailed research proposal to the division committee, with signature by advisor.
    5. Passing of courses: no later than semester 4. All mandatory courses should be taken in the first year of the M.Sc.
  2. Direct track: Students who are moving to the Ph.D. track without completing their M.Sc. (internal students only). 
    1. Successfully completed 9 credit hours of M.Sc. courses with a minimum average of 90, including 1 faculty required course & 1 department required course
    2. Be full time
    3. Recommendation from the advisor attesting to the research abilities of the student
    4. Write a research paper


Stage 1: Acceptance to regular or direct track & taking the required credits & submitting a detailed research proposal within 1.5 years of admission to the program.

  1. In order to be accepted to Stage 2, a candidate must:
    1. Pass the candidates exam (exam cannot be taken more than twice), which will be examined by members of the committee appointed by the School or Department. Exam includes:
      1. Review of research proposal in terms of innovation, contribution to state of the art research, scope, chances of successful completion
      2. Evaluate the student’s mastery of research tools and relevant research methods & his/her proficiency in the research topic & other topics related to field of research

*Depending on the results of the exam, committee can decide to either approval, postpone pending corrections, conduct a second exam or terminate the research.

  1. Examiners will be asked to assess the research proposal using a designated form & before the candidates exam

Stage 2: Student is a research student

  1. Student must spend at least 1 year as a full time student.
  2. Full duration of Ph.D. studies is 5 years, however if the student is employed by the University, the duration is 4 years.
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