M.Sc. in Materials Science and Engineering

M.Sc. in Materials Science and Engineering
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Stages: there are two stages of study.

  1. Accumulative Studies: students working in the industry, and in parallel plan to complete an M.Sc. degree. They are admitted to the Accumulative Study (AS) Stage, which can last no longer than 3 academic years (minimum 3 courses per year). After this time, the student is transferred to the Regular Studies (RS) Stage, where they can complete their requirement.
    1. Minimum GPA during AS stage: 80 for full time students and 70 for everyone else
    2. Student must take a minimum of three courses per year (and pass at least two of them)
    3. Passing of courses: no later than semester 4. All mandatory courses should be taken in the first year of the M.Sc. (but no later than fourth semester of studies)
    4. 25% of the courses must be taken in the status of “regular student”
  2. Regular (Full-time) studies: They are directly admitted to the Regular studies (RS) stage. Students in this stage must complete the degree in a maximum of 2 years.
  3. Preliminary Stage: A candidate whose GPA is lower than the required minimum (but not lower than 75), may be admitted in a provisional status for a period of one year. Those candidates can then be admitted as RS students pertaining they pass their supplementary courses.
    1. Factors will be considered such as substantial professional experience in the field of materials, ranking, warm recommendations from professional experts (academia/industry), etc…
    2. A candidate’s program of required supplementary courses will entail completion of four core materials courses & will only be admitted after meeting the supplementary requirements.

Study tracks: There are two tracks which students can choose from. Note that for either track, the advisor is solely responsible for approving the student’s curriculum.

  1. Research Track requirements: (as detailed in chart below)
    1. Acquiring a permanent supervisor
    2. Only for full-time students
    3. Must complete the M.Sc. with a minimum 75 GPA
    4. Participation in seminars
  2. Project Track requirements: (as detailed in chart below)
    1. Must complete the M.Sc. with a minimum 75 GPA


Research Track

Project Track

Minimum course credit points

24 credits

36 credits

Weight of Thesis/project

12 semester hours

3 credits

Supplementary courses (if needed)

No credits

No credits

Departmental Seminars (necessary)

No credits

No credits

Mandatory courses, minimum

8 credits

8 credits

Elective courses, minimum

12 credits

22 credits

Other courses, approved by supervisor (maximum amount)

4 credits

6 credits

For details on thesis or final project & mandatory seminars please click HERE

For a full list of curriculum, please click HERE


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