Structure of the curriculum

  • Structure of the curriculum:
  • Table of Graduate Courses and Syllabi
  • Recommended courses from other units in the Faculty of Engineering
  • Recommended courses from the Faculty of Exact Sciences
Structure of the curriculum

The School's curriculum consists of four layers of courses:

4000 – Specialized undergraduate courses, for 3 credit points each. MSc students 

may not take the Computer Structure course from the 4000 layer.

5000 – Foundations in Mathematics and Science, 3 credit points per course

6000 – Core Engineering courses, 3 credit points per course

7000 – Courses for specialization, 2 or 3 credit points per course


Course numbers and categories:

  • Numbers of undergraduate courses (or courses of similar level) begin with 0512.
  • Numbers of graduate courses begin with 0510.
  • In each course number, the thousands digit indicates the layer.
  • The hundreds digit indicates the main specialization to which the course belongs (see legend below).

1 – Communication                       6 - Electrooptics

2 – Signal Processing                     7 - Devices

3 – Control                                    8 - Electromagnetism

4 – Computers                              90 - Plasma


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