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We haven't yet built computers with emotions, but we can teach robots to be curious.

We haven't yet supplied clean drinking water to the planet's entire population, but we have purified sewage to keep the groundwater clean.

We haven't yet found a way to supply green power to everyone in Israel, but we did develop nano-antennas that use all solar radiation to produce green energy.


What about you? What issues are you concerned about? What kind of future do you wish to invent for yourself and for future generations?

If you wish to be the one who makes the next great leap in engineering and technology, your place is with us – at Tel Aviv University's Faculty of Engineering.


What we already know is of no interest to us.

At the Faculty of Engineering, approximately 3,000 students, 1,400 research students and 110 researchers focus on one goal only: pursuing the unknown, the questions that haven't yet been asked, the great ideas and inventions that can change the world.


A big change can emerge from the smallest details, like in the work of Prof. Yael Hanein, Head of TAU's Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, who conducted a study that was able to detect lies with an accuracy of 73% - based on the contraction of facial muscles of study participants Change can also come from big things: like Prof. Avishay Eyal's research, developing a subterranean technology that is so sensitive, it can pick up the drop of a paperclip at a distance of 100 km. This technology can change the lives of people living in southern Israel, under the constant threat of terrorist tunnels from Gaza.


We are Tel Aviv University, and that is no coincidence.

Our Faculty was founded upon the vision of creating scientific leaders for Israel's high-tech and defense industries, and we fulfill that promise to this day.

Our study programs are developed with an eye to the needs and innovations of both academia and industry. Our students' bonds with industry, established right at the start of their studies, include relevant, up-to-date courses, visits to industrial corporations, hands-on projects, and even ties with the Faculty's graduates, many of whom now lead the Israeli hi-tech industry.

Our location in Tel Aviv, right at the heart of the country, provides both our researchers and our students with easy access to leading companies. Together we develop new and innovative directions in R&D.

Here, innovation begins with our advanced teaching methods. For instance, in some courses, lectures are given online, and the students meet their lecturers later, in small groups,to discuss the study materials. We also offer the most advanced laboratories, even at the undergraduate level; and we believe that a multidisciplinary approach can generate flexibility of thought, facilitating new solutions where no one has sought them before.

Alongside the various disciplines of Engineering, we encourage our students to acquire multidisciplinary knowledge and thinking capabilities.

For example, our Engineering & the Humanities program exposes future engineers to tools from the Humanities, and a personalized program for outstanding students allows them to choose elective courses from anywhere on campus.

We have no doubt that the world would have been a different place today without the graduates of our Faculty. Try to imagine a world without voice calls through the internet, connecting people all over the world free of charge. Try to imagine a world without imaging technologies for diagnosing cancer, without the USB flash drive, without solar cells fueling NASA's spacecraft...

If you too feel that what you know is not enough, if your imagination carries you one step forward, to the realms of the unknown and the discoveries of the future, your place is with us – at the Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University.   

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