• Congratulations to Eran Maimon, MSc student under the supervision of Prof. Avi Kribus from the School of Mechanical Engineering, for being one of the 3 winners in the Ramon Foundation's Breakthrough Competition 2014.  Eran's project focused on developing a 'solar paint' that converts solar energy into electricity. The paint is produced from common inexpensive materials, through a simple production process widely used in industry. The solar paint can significantly reduce the cost of green energy, enabling utilization of existing surfaces, such as walls and roofs, with no need for additional plots of land. The prize is a scholarship for a 10-week course promoting technological leadership and entrepreneurship at Singularity University in California.


  • Congratulations to Prof. Emeritus Leslie Banks-Sills from the School of Mechanical Engineering for receiving an Honorary Doctorate from the Lund University of Technology, Sweden. Lund University bestowed the award upon Prof. Banks-Sills for her research on fractures in composite materials – materials that combine properties of several different materials to produce a material with enhanced properties.  The ceremony was held at the Lund Cathedral on June 5 2014. 17 individuals received the honorary title, two of them from the field of engineering. As part of her scientific collaboration with Lund University, Prof. Banks-Sills was incumbent of the Lise Meitner Chair at Lund in 2006. She worked there as a visiting professor, conducting research on the biomechanics of bones.


  • Congratulations to Prof. Slava Krylov from the School of Mechanical Engineering for winning the Mary Shepard B. Upson research grant. He will serve as the Mary Shepard B. Upson Visiting Professor in Engineering at Cornell University in the spring and summer semesters of 2015.


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