Understanding and controlling icing on surfaces: not really a piece of cake

21 December 2020, 15:00 
הסמינר יתקיים בזום 
 You are invited to the seminar of gust Carlo Antonini - Understanding and controlling icing on surfaces: not really a piece of cake




School of Mechanical Engineering Seminar
Monday, December 21, 2020 at 14:00


Understanding and controlling icing on surfaces: not really a piece of cake


Dr. Carlo Antonini

Department of Materials Science

University of Milano-Bicocca

Abstract presentation

Icing has long been recognized as a serious hazard for safety and for functioning of systems in diverse areas such as transportation, power and communication systems, infrastructures, and even domestic or commercial appliances. The control of water behavior at the interface through the tailoring of surface wetting properties represents a great scientific and technological challenge and opportunity, which can be used as a strategy to control and mitigate ice formation on surfaces. During the lecture, I will present his research activities focused on understanding the interaction mechanism between liquid and solid surfaces in freezing conditions. Focus will be given to the effects of surface wetting and topography on ice nucleation, to the wetting behavior of superhydrophobic surfaces in icing conditions, and to ice adhesion, highlighting the role of environmental conditions where relevant. A brief discussion of practical issues, challenges, and innovations in using non-wetting coatings will also presented.


Short Bio

I received the BSc in Aerospace Engineering (2004) and the MSc in Aeronautical Engineering (2007), from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and the PhD in Technologies for Energy and Environment from University of Bergamo (2011), Italy, with a thesis titled “Superhydrophobicity as a strategy against icing”. In 2012, I received support from the European Research Council (ERC) to join ETH Zurich, Switzerland, as a Marie Curie Fellow; I worked in the Laboratory of Thermodynamics in Emerging Technologies on the project “ICE2: ICEphobicity for severe ICing Environments”. In March 2015 I joined EMPA – Swiss Federal Laboratory for Material Science and Technology – as scientist, focusing on the control of surface wetting properties of cellulose-based materials for various engineering applications, ranging from liquid separation (oil remediation) to thermal insulation. Since 2017 I am the scientific advisor of ApiTech, an italian startup supporting innovation in SMEs. In September 2018 I joined the Department of Materials Science at the University of Bicocca-Milano (Italy), as tenure-track senior assistant professor, with the support of a Rita Levi Montalcini Fellowship. At UNIMIB I have founded the Surface Engineering and Fluid Interfaces Laboratory (SEFI Lab). I am coordinating the MSCA-ITN project SURFICE - Smart surface design for efficient ice protection and control (2021-2024), involving 13 PhD students, 7 universities and 4 companies.


Affliliation and contact info

Carlo Antonini, PhD

Department of Materials Science

University of Milano-Bicocca

U5 - Via Roberto Cozzi, 55, 20125 Milano MI

phone: +39 02 6448 5188







SEFI Lab https://sefilab.mater.unimib.it/

SURFICE https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/956703 



https://zoom.us/j/96584758181?pwd=WC9PMXdsYzJ3NFdEN2Q5ZUtOZEVjdz09 The meeting will be recorded and made available on the School’s site.



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