General: Graduate studies for MSc in Engineering degree

Graduate studies at the School of Electrical Engineering are designed to enhance and consolidate engineering knowhow and scientific knowledge in Electrical Engineering. The graduate program responds to the needs of the modern hi-tech industry, which seeks scientists and engineers with extensive knowledge in many areas that are not covered in undergraduate studies, as well as specific advanced topics naturally taught in continuing studies, based on previous undergraduate education. Another goal of this program is training researchers, scientists and technological leaders. To this end the curriculum provides the needed foundations for advanced scientific research towards the MSc and PhD degrees.

The School's program enables intensive studies of specific areas, while also offering the flexibility to choose subjects from the School's entire spectrum, thereby forming an interdisciplinary curriculum.

The School of Engineering offers graduate students various fields of specialization, in continuation of the different undergraduate programs:


Signal Processing

Image Processing and Computer Vision



Electric Energy and Power Electronics

Optics and Electrooptics

Electronic Devices and Materials

Electromagnetism and Radiation

These areas represent the current knowledge, courses and interests of the School's faculty. As noted above, the new curriculum permits, but does not require, specialization in a specific area. Alongside the option of focusing on a chosen field, students may prefer to combine two or more of the listed areas (for example, the likely combination of Optical Communication).

The students, assisted by their advisors, build personal study programs in line with the minimum requirements detailed above regarding mandatory and core courses. Several sample programs are presented for each field of study in the School's handbook and website.

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