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Research Topics
Prof. Tal Ellenbogen Website
Laboratory site
Nanoscale light-matter interaction, optical metasurfaces, metamaterials, nonlinear optics, nanoscale electro-optics, plasmonics, liquid crystals
Prof. Eli Jerby Website Localized microwave-heating (LMH) theory and phenomena, thermal-runaway instabilities; plasma ejection by LMH, fireballs and plasmoids, dusty plasma and nano-powder production; 3D-printing of metal parts by LMH; drilling and cutting by LMH (the “microwave drill”); LMH of basalt (lava and ball-lightning ejection by “miniature volcanoes”); metal-powder combustion by LMH, thermite interactions in air and underwater (the bubble-marble effect); microwave generation (by solid-state and vacuum electronics).
Prof. Joseph Appelbaum (Emeritus) Website Solar Energy, photovoltaic systems, electrical machines and drives, electromagnetic devices
Prof. Arie Braunstein (Emeritus) Website Power systems, lightning strikes, solar energy
Prof. Pavel Ginzburg Website Biophotonics, Metamaterials, Optical Forces, Fluorescent Materials, Nanolasers
Radiophysics, Automotive radars, Drone monitoring, Radar deception, Antennas, RFID, IoT 

Prof. George Weiss

Website Power converters for distributed electricity generators, synchronverters, energy from water waves and wind turbines, the control of energy storage units on the utility grid, voltage smoothing using relatively small capacitors
Dr. Yakir Hadad Website Electrodynamics and wave theory, analytical methods, artificial materials with applications in RF and optics, hybrid-physics waves in complex structures, nonlinear dynamics, plasmonics and nanophotonics
Prof. Sigmond Singer (Emeritus) Website Power circuits electronics, small energy sources, power processing, lossless control, solar energy, gaseous laser control
Prof. Amir Natan Website Quantum theory based modeling of novel materials and devices. Multi-scale theories for photovoltaics and energy storage. Interaction of light with matter. Modern band theory of solids. Dielectric behavior at interfaces
Dr. Doron Shmilovitz Website Solar energy systems optimization, high efficiency dc/dc and dc/ac converters, energy harvesting and wireless energy transfer, transducers, sensors and piezoelectric micro-generators. 
Prof. Yael Hanein Website Neuroprosthetic devices, micro and nano fabrication methods, nano-systems, nanotube technology, cell patterning methods, skin electronics
Prof. Menachem Nathan (emeritus) Website 3D thin film batteries, snapshot spectral imaging, solid state THz sources, photonic crystals, MOEMS, MEMS, spectral Imaging
Prof. Yossi Rosenwaks Website Nanoscale electrical measurements, nanoscale gas sensors, multiple state transistors, nanowire transistors, 2D transistors and materials
Prof. Yosi Shacham   Semiconductor devices, VLSI & ULSI Interconnects, nano-bio interfacing and biosensors
Prof. Jacob Scheuer Website Dynamic Metamaterials & Metasurfaces, plasmonics, nano-photonics, integrated optics, bio-chemical & rotation sensors, semiconductor lasers, slow and fast light, non-linear optics, polymer optics
Prof. Yoram Shapira Website Semiconductor surfaces and interfaces, Micro- and nano- electronics, Solar energy
Dr. Yuval Beck  
smart grids, Power flow Calculations and optimization, Non-Intrusive load monitoring techniques , Power systems and Photovoltaic Energy systems
Prof. Avraham Gover Website Quantum Electronics, Electron interaction with light and matter, Free electron lasers (FEL), THz Radiation, Electron Beam Physics, Electromagnetism
Dr. Gideon Segev Website

Photovoltaic cells, Photoelectrochemical water splitting, electronic devices for water decontamination and desalination, ion pumps, electronic ratchets, ionic ratchets, selective ion separation.

Dr.. Ofer Kfir Website

Quantum sensing, electron-photon entanglement, ultrafast electron microscopy, ultrafast physics (optics, magnetism, materials).

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