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Research lab – the Algorithms lab. The lab of Prof. Benny Applebaum,  Prof. Guy Even, Prof. Boaz Patt-Shamir, Prof. Dana Ron and Dr. Shay Solomon.

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Programming building room 210

The objective of the Algorithms Lab is to study ways to solve problems by automatic means. This includes designing efficient procedures that solve actual problems on computational devices (algorithms), and proving inherent limitations on resources required for such solutions (lower bounds). The research areas studied in the lab include distributed computation, network algorithms, approximate solutions to hard problems, cryptogaphy, algorithms with sublinear complexity, and others.

Work is carried out under the supervision of faculty members as well as collaboration between students and post-docs affiliated with the lab, with the aim of advancing science and engineering, where the results take the form of publications in scientific conferences and journals.


Vision Research lab – Hedva Spitzer

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Class rooms building- 107 room


Vision research laboratory interests in the recent years are concentrated on manly computational visual models, psychophysical experiments and derived algorithms. Among the main topics are chromatic and achromatic adaptation mechanisms with applications also to technology such as companding (compression and expanding) HDR natural and medical images. Additional topics are relating to visual texture detection and enhancement and segmentation which are based on visual mechanisms and contour integration models and algorithms. In the recent years the team involves with new mechanisms and computational models for chromatic aberration, shape from motion only, after-effects effects and “conflicting” filling-in effects that derive from edges.  Applications and derived algorithms from the different visual phenomena.

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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