Prof. Zohar Yosibash

ביה"ס להנדסה מכנית סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Zohar Yosibash
Phone: 03-6408809
Another phone: 03-6407071
Office: Wolfson - Engineering, 227

Research Topics

Prof. Yosibash investigates the biomechanics of human bones and arteries by combining experimental, theoretical and numerical methods. Other topics of interest are development of high order finite element methods, investigation of mechanical failure theorems in the vicinity of sharp edges and three dimensional cracks.

Awards and Prizes

Prof. Yosibash published over 100 papers in international journal, a book on singularities published by Springer, and was the guest editor of five international journals. A detailed list of his publications is available at google scholar.

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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