Turning plastic waste into smart watering modules.

Our EE's students are creating solutions to save our environment

20 January 2021
Gabriel Godley
Gabriel Godley: B.Sc. student in Electrical Engineering and CEO @ Pots Farms

While TAU scientists take steps toward defeating the pandemic, TAU students are creating solutions to save our environment. 


Gabriel Godley, the B.Sc. student in Electrical Engineering from South Africa together with TAU students, Peter Pesov from BA program and Jalal Mashala from Accounting and Business Management created #PotsFarms, a start-up to transform Tel Aviv into luscious green smart city. The start-up is pioneering a new carbon neutral plant delivery system and is turning plastic waste into smart watering modules.  


The day-to-day operations of Pots Farms is a seamless plant delivery by bicycles, in which Gabriel and his team attempt to increase the greenery in the city one plant at a time. The funds from the online plant store serve as the funding for purchasing equipment and space to produce recycled pots with the self-watering modules.


“The core mission behind Pots Farms is to reduce plastic pollution and find a solution to world hunger” – says Gabriel. “We have created a beautiful self-watering Hydroponic pot from 100% Upcycled plastic bottles. We collect plastic bottles from individuals in the city and process them, cutting, refining and painting so they can serve as pots. Then, we install a wick watering system inside. A wick inside the pot curls around the roots and uses capillary action to pull water up while gravity pulls the water down onto the roots so the plants can drink. This is how the passive self-watering system works.


The device requires refilling only once every 3 months and self regulates the input of water to the plant. This is only the first step in our journey to making more plants, more easily available to more people. By pioneering a new way of monetising recycling, we have created an economically incentivised method for people to become more eco-conscious, and that’s the magic behind Pots Farms. Finding new fresh solutions to daunting problems.

It has been just a week since we launched the project and our pots have already covered the city of Tel Aviv with an extra 15.4 cubic metres of Green. That`s equivalent to 25 non-socially distancing humans! These new green spaces are contributing an extra 6.8 Kg of Oxygen into our TLV air making it easier for people to breathe. Finally, by using bikes for plants delivery, we saved 13.65 Kg of dangerous Carbon emissions from entering our atmosphere. We are very excited to see what future holds for us”.  


Curios about Pots Farms? Support the mission and send a plant to a friend. 

Visit the website 


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