Research Fields - Mechanical Engineering

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Energy and Heat Transfer
  • Systems
  • Environment
Researcher Research Topics
Prof. Abraham Seifert Flow Control, Detachment, Shearing Flow, Boundary Layers, Laminar Flow, Turbulent Flow, Unsteady Flow, Aerodynamics, Atmosphere, Wind Energy
Prof. Eliezer Kit (Emeritus) Turbulence, Vortex, Layer Flow, Mixtures, Geo-Physics, Waves, Marine Engineering, Coast
Prof. Alexander Gelfgat Numerical simulation of fluid flows, Heat/Mass Transfer Processes; Laboratory and numerical simulation of crystal growth; Instabilities and Bifurcations of Fluid Flows; Non-Linear Systems; Numerical Methods
Prof. Alexander Liberzon Turbulence, Sensors, Viscometry,  Heat Transfer, Mixing, Bio-Medical Flows, Particles/Bubbles/Droplets tracking, Velocimetry
Prof. Arkady Tsinober (Emeritus) Boundary Layers, Stability, Turbulence, Metal Flow, Mixtures, Diffusion, Geo-Physics, Compressible Flow, Wind Tunnels, Layer Flow
Dr. Bat-El Pinchasik Biomimetics,Interfacial Phenomena,Insects,Underwater Adhesion and Locomotion,Bio-inspired Materials,Wetting Phenomena
Prof. Gidon Dagan (Emeritus) Perforation, Perforated Environment, Un-saturated Flow, Stochastic Models, Free Flows, Underground Water, Convection of Dissolved Materials
Dr. Gil Merom Fluid–structure interaction models, Computational fluid dynamics, Finite element method, Hemodynamics, Heart valves biomechanics, Cardiovascular devices
Prof. Gregory Zilman (Emiritus) Naval and marine hydrodynamics, Remote sensing, Swimming in nature
Prof. Touvia Miloh (Emiritus) Hydrodynamics, Potential Flow, Slug Flow, Aerodynamics, Waves, Oceanography Engineering, Magneto-Hydrodynamics, Electro-Kinetics, Wing Design, Self-Propulsion
Prof. Yair Shokef Statistical Mechanics, Soft Matter, Jamming, Geometric Frustration, Glassy Dynamics, Granular Matter, Cell Mechanics, Active Matter, Mechanical Metamaterials.
Prof. Yehuda Taitel (Emeritus) Hydrodynamics, Heat Transfer, Multi-Phase Flow, Radiation, Solar Energy, Vaporization, Condensation
Prof. Israel Wygnanski (Emeritus) Turbulent flow, Free jet, Spinning jet, Boundary layer, Pipe Flow, Aerodynamics, Wind Tunnels
Prof. Lev Shemer (Emiritus) Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Nonlinear Water Waves, Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction, Multi-Phase Flow, Remote Sensing of Ocean Surface
Prof. Moshe Rosenfeld Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass transfer, Wind and Hydro Turbines, Bio-Medical Applications, Propellers
Dr. Avinoam Rabinovich Oil and gas flow in reservoirs, Reservoir modeling, Groundwater, Upscaling, Effective properties, CO2 storage
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