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Twelve excellent students created an innovative, generic solution for genomic instability of synthetic genes

19 November 2020
iGEM team
From Right to Left: Noa Kraicer, Bar Glickstein, Niv Amity, Karin Sionov (Team Captain) and Hadar Ben Shoshan

Some of us spend our whole lives wondering how to make an impact in the world, whether it be with our family and friends, academically or professionally.


Tel Aviv University is a proud supporter of the iGEM foundation, an organization that enables students to create such a meaningful impact. Students from different backgrounds create teams all over the world that design, create, and analyze systems that push the boundaries of synthetic biology.


With the aid of the biology, math, and engineering departments and instructed by Prof. Tamir Tuller of the Faculty of Engineering, twelve excellent students created an innovative, generic solution for genomic instability of synthetic genes. They propose interlocking a desired gene to the N-terminus (beginning) of an essential gene in the host organism’s genome, under the same promoter. This way, mutations on the desired gene are likely to affect the expression of the essential gene, leading to the death of the mutated host. For further details, they provide an in-depth view of their project at TAU, VIDEO iGEM.


This is how sTAUbility was born, a model for finding the best-matching gene and measuring mutational stability. It is a friendly software for process optimization that can provide better solutions for biotechnology companies. The team then went on to obtain a patent for the application of their method and had garnered the support of the Swiss Pharmaceutical company, Lonza, which has an R&D center located in Haifa.  


Jury and criteria for winning

The jury consists of scientists, professors, and researchers with a lot of experience in the field. The criteria for winning the competition is listed HERE.

The team should provide:

1.       A Website

2.       A Video

3.       Poster

4.       Interview: Judges from the competition will interview the team and ask them questions for at least 20 minutes. The audience will also be able to join in and ask questions.


How can you support us?

Watch our video so it can impress the jury, raise awareness for this revolutionary project, and give support to the team and staff

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