Faculty of Engineering’s International office: A pioneering step into the future

The first faculty to create an International office within its walls, focusing on providing International students opportunities with other universities, assistance with career options & infinite other possibilities

14 October 2020

Tel Aviv University’s (TAU) Faculty of Engineering is considered the go-to place for pursuing the unknown, creating future entrepreneurs and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. The faculty is armed with strong credentials and always forward thinking in terms of internationalization. Engineering is the first faculty to create an International office within its walls, focusing on providing International students opportunities with other universities, assistance with career options & infinite other possibilities. Want to know more? Check out some Q&A below!


What is the international office in the faculty of Engineering?

The International office aims to provide a center for international students both undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate alike. This office provides assistance with admissions, finding advisors, helping with career options upon graduation and any other necessary assistance to make students feel comfortable for the duration of their time on campus. The office will serve as a “hub” between other offices on campus that internationals may not know about. Moreover, the office strives to provide opportunities to other students in different universities, by creating options for international students to come and complete graduate studies here.


How is it different from the University International office?

The University International office is home to an undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts, several M.A. degrees and gap year/study abroad. While they do assist the Engineering internationals with administrative questions such as payment, housing, and cultural activities, the point of having a “hub” in Engineering is to give students also assistance with academics (finding advisors, providing more options for courses in English, etc.)


What are the benefits of having an international office in the faculty?

Students receive one-on-one assistance with their needs whether academic or administrative. They can benefit from personal help, as well as career services.


How does the international office bring international and local students together?

The International office has launched Global track in the B.Sc. program that allows international and Israeli students study together in English and benefit from multicultural learning environment.


What "English" oriented activities are happening the faculty?

The faculty strives to provide more materials in English. From printing marketing materials and posters in English to creating a website that has a full English component. The Faculty is also translating all forms and documents to English and providing many graduate courses in English as well. Many professors in different specializations, have started to adapt to this trend, creating most of their presentations and classes in English. The International office recently employed Dr. Ingrid Barth to also provide materials for students whose English is not their native language, to even assist while learning in English on campus.


What does the Future hold during the corona period?

During Corona, the International office is working hard to provide options for students to continue taking courses while abroad in their home towns. All classes will be recorded via zoom & options to even do the project from abroad are available.


Who is our team?

  • Professor Yossi Rosenwaks: As Dean of the Faculty, Professor Rosenwaks handles all 2 schools and 3 departments both academic and administrative affairs. Due to the innovative thinking of the Dean, this International office was created to help promote TAU Engineering to campuses over the world and create partnerships with other Universities and High Tech companies?
  • Professor Yosi Shacham: As academic head of the program, Professor Shacham has been an integral part of the B.Sc. since its start many years ago. He currently handles and confirms all academic decisions with the School of Electrical Engineering
  • Mrs. Jennifer Gotliv: Director of the Office. Jennifer has been with the Faculty for 7+ years. She has an M.A in Education & years of experience working with internationals. She was Director of the B.Sc. before becoming head of the International office.
  • Ms. Tetyana Pasko: As outreach coordinator, Tetyana is in charge of all recruitment, admissions and marketing. She guides potential students through the whole process from the moment of making a decision to study abroad to arrival on campus.
  • Mrs. Taly Kol: As program coordinator, Taly is in charge of all the academics for undergraduate students. She also handles the staff and curriculum. Taly lived abroad for many years before returning to Israel. She is familiar with International students and their needs.
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