Get to know our EE international students  

Insights from students who crossed borders to come and study at Tel Aviv University

international students

Students from all around the world already joined the international school and launched the new academic year at Tel Aviv University in October. They are either Israelis or from over 100 other countries such as USA, India, France, Venezuela, Canada, China, South Africa, Guatemala, Japan, Mongolia and many more.

We are pleased to present to you two graduates of the Electrical Engineering Program at Tel Aviv University:

Hello to...

Yabing Hu

Yabing Hu

Koffi – Emmanuel Sadze 

Koffi – Emmanuel Sadze

Country of origin?



What did you study?

B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering    

B.Sc in Electrical Engineering

On a personal note

Studying in the B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at TAU was a completely new experience for me. I received the opportunity to immerse in completely different culture, meet students from all over the world and make new friends. We used to participate in many different research projects. For one of the projects, we created a bike safety assistant to improve riding experience and detect a threatening fall. People at TAU were very friendly and always willing to help. Studying at TAU gave me a quick start to my research career.



Being the first in his family to go to University is a very proud accomplishment! Koffi-Emmanuel is sharing his experience of studying at TAU. 

“My father worked in the chemical industry and I was really fascinated by the idea of studying engineering. I am the first one in my family pursuing a University degree and it creates a lot of expectations.”

“Nowadays, being an engineer is not enough. There are too many challenges and you need to have entrepreneurial skills to be successful.”

“I am happy that B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering offers not only academic rigor but the understanding on how to transform ideas from the laboratory to the start-up world.”

 “The program is full of challenges and this is what makes my achievements more valuable.”  

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