Electrical and Electronics engineering - Physical Electronics

The field of physical electronics, which deals with the physical aspects of modern applied electronics - semiconductors, electro optics and fiber optics, nanotechnology, renewable energy and microwaves - is rapidly developing and is playing a major role in both developments and improvements in the hi-tech, science intensive industry found in Israel.

Main research groups:

Electrooptics:  Nonlinear Optics, Photonic Crystals, Plasmonics, Ultrafast optics, Nanophotonics, Photoacoustics, Optical fibers and communication, and diffractive optics.
Materials Devices and Energy:  Nanotechnology, Biosensors and Bio-inspired nanomaterials, Lab on a chip technologies, Electrical discharge, Theoretical modeling of materials and devices, and Photovoltaic power conversion and processing  
Electromagnetics:  Propagation and Scattering in Complex Structures, Antenna Design, Radio frequency integrated circuits, mm-wave CMOS circuits, and Microwave interaction with materials.

  • Energy and Power Electronics
  • Electro optics, Micro and nano optical devices
  • Electro - magnetics
  • Micro electronics, Nano technology, Materials

Electromagnetic (EM) waves are widely used in modern life, as they serve many of mankind’s basic needs such as communication (mobile phones for instance), navigation (GPS), sensing (radars), medical diagnostics and treatments, material processing, food preparation and security. Electromagnetics provides therefore an essential scientific foundation for large families of technologies which are critical for the well being of almost any society and individual in the 21st century. In view of this, our theoretical and experimental research activities span from fundamental studies to advanced developments of novel devices and components. Our studies include, for instance, analyses of EM-wave propagation, scattering and diffraction in complex structures, ultra-wideband and short-pulse electromagnetics, and target identification and inverse scattering. In the section of antenna theory and techniques, we develop modeling techniques for complex antenna systems, design and develop advanced antennas, and investigate novel concepts of nano-antennas in the wider scope of nano-electromagnetism. In the millimeter-wave range, we develop high-power sources, including free-electron lasers and masers, and study EM energy transmission in the atmosphere. In another branch, we investigate EM-wave interactions with natural and artificial materials, photonic crystals, and plasmas. The latter involve also syntheses of nano particles, such as carbon nano-tubes and silicon micro-spheres. Our developments of advanced integrated circuits include novel schemes of RFIC's and mm-wave CMOS circuits, also for integrated communication and sensing circuits. These and other EM-related studies conducted in our department create a leading knowledge center which contributes to the scientific community, supports the industry, and advances our engineering students on all levels.

Researcher Research Topics
Prof. Amir Boag Computational electromagnetics and acoustics, Fast multilevel algorithms, Imaging techniques including Synthetic Aperture Radar, Electrostatic-Kelvin Force Microscopy, Antenna and nano-antenna design
Prof. Eli Jerby Microwaves, microwave-material interactions, localized microwave heating, the microwave drill, microwave plasma, plasmoids and fireballs, microwave-powder interactions (thermite ignition, additive manufacturing), microwave generators
Prof. Ehud Heyman Wave theory, theoretical electromagnetics, underwater acoustics, solution of radiation propagation and scattering problems, ultra wide band and short-pulse techniques, propagation in random and rough medium, inverse scattering, imaging and synthetic aperture radar
Dr. Yakir Hadad Electrodynamics and wave theory, analytical methods, artificial materials with applications in RF and optics, hybrid-physics waves in complex structures, nonlinear dynamics, plasmonics and nanophotonics
Prof. Shimshon Frankenthal (Emeritus) Plasma, magneto-hydrodynamics, radiation transfer and particles, spreading in random medium, underwater acoustics
Prof. Raphael Kastner (Emeritus) Time and frequency domain methods in electromagnetics, absorbing boundary conditions, antenna and array design, antenna theory, meta-surfaces
Prof. Ben Zion Steinberg Theoretical Electromagnetics, analytical and numerical methods, propagation and scattering in complex media, nano-structures and crystals
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