Electrical and Electronics engineering - Physical Electronics

  • Micro electronics, Nano technology, Materials
  • Electro - magnetics
  • Electro optics, Micro and nano optical devices
  • Energy and Power Electronics
Research Topics Researcher
Non-linear optics, plasmonics, electron optics, optical measurements, quantum optics, spectroscopy. Prof. Ady Arie
Ultrafast optics, extreme non linear optics, quantom optics, nanophotonics Dr. Alon Bahabad
Optical fiber sensors, distributed Sensing, bio-medical photoacoustics, polarization related phenomena in optical fibers, optical measurement techniques Prof. Avishay Eyal
Quantum electronics, electrodynamics, free electron lasers, meta-surface laser accelerator, electron quantum wave interactions, radiation devices, millimeter-Waves, THz waves, electronic devices Prof. Avi Gover (Emeritus)
Nonlinear optics, solitons, nonlinear pattern formation, optical telecommunications, dynamical lattices, nonlinear dynamics, Bose-Einstein condensation, Josephson junctions (superconductivity) Prof. Boris Malomed
Miniature imaging systems and advanced imaging: Hyperspectral; 3-D sensing; Improved image quality Prof. David Mendlovic
Diffractive optics and micro-optics, high-contrast dielectric diffraction structures and metasurfaces, computer-generated holograms for 3D display, laser beam shaping, advanced optical imaging and sensing, optical communication with mode-division multiplexing Dr. Michael Golub
Design, processing and characterization of photonic devices for applications in: optical communication, environmental sensing, bio-sensing, optical waveguides, laser physics, coherent beam design and propagation Prof. Shlomo Ruschin (Emeritus)
Dynamic Metamaterials & Metasurfaces, plasmonics, nano-photonics, integrated optics, bio-chemical & rotation sensors, semiconductor lasers, slow and fast light, non-linear optics, polymer optics Prof. Jacob Scheuer
Communications theory and signal processing with applications to the fiber-optic channel, theory of communications through a nonlinear channel, quantum communications in fiber-optic links
Prof. Mark Shtaif
Fiber-optic sensing (with current emphasis on Structural Health Monitoring), Fiber Bragg gratings, novel sensing techniques, the Brillouin effect in sensing and slow light, advanced fiber-optic communication systems, polarization mode dispersion, microwave photonics and fiber-optic signal processing Prof. Moshe Tur
Lasers and amplifiers, optic fibers, wave conductor optics, optic fiber optics, integrated optics, laser resonator, optic communication Prof. Amos Hardy (Emeritus)
Holography, image processing, optical fibers, integrated optics, imaging systems , optical imaging systems (IR and visible) with extended depth of field, sparse representation and deep learning techniques for deblurring, refocusing and depth determination from single images using optical and electronic processing Prof. Emanuel Marom (Emeritus)
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