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Two new undergraduate programs were recently launched at the School of Mechanical Engineering.


Double undergraduate major in Mechanichal Engineering and Marine Biotechnology offered jointly with the Ruppin Academic Center.

The program is part of TAU's extensive activity in the areas of marine studies in general, and Mediterranean studies in particular. The double program comprises two curriculums – Mechanical Engineering from TAU and Marine Biotechnology from the Ruppin Academic Center. Complementing each other, the 2 components focus on the Mediterranean Sea and its importance. The program's graduates will be   knowledgeable and skillful mechanical engineers, who are also familiar with the Mediterranean sciences, as well as the professional language of Marine Biotechnology experts. They are likely to find employment in energy corporations, government agencies and local authorities involved in marine engineering and biotechnology, engineering consulting firms specializing in these areas and other companies.

The discovery of natural gas off Israel's shoreline, and the accelerating exploitation of its beaches are just two of many opportunities and challenges related to the Mediterranean. Scientific and economic developments regarding the sea in general and the Mediterranean in particular hold rich potential in a range of areas. Studies in Mechanical Engineering will equip graduates with the abilities required to design systems and carry out theoretical, computational and experimental analyses of the practical aspects of utilizing the resources of the Mediterranean. These aspects include topics like flow, heat transfer, structures, materials and dynamics, traditional and renewable energy systems, marine engineering, environmental engineering and water treatment. The Marine Biotechnology program provides a foundation in the theoretical academic aspects common to all fields of biotechnology. In addition the program offers specialization in marine biotechnology, the marine sciences and the marine environment, the anthropogenic impact of humans on the sea, utilizing the sea for developing medication and sustainable marine agriculture, and the technical, biological and regulatory mechanisms for operating in the sea without damaging either the sea or the coast.

This undergraduate double major takes 5 years to complete – instead of 4 years for a regular degree in Mechanical Engineering and 3 years for a degree in Marine Biotechnology. Graduates will hold two full and separate degree certificates.


Undergraduate double major in Mechanical Engineering and Earth Sciences, with an emphasis on Environmental Studies.

This program offers a unique interdisciplinary view of the interrelations between Mechanical Engineering and infrastructures on the one hand, and Earth Sciences and environmental and natural resources on the other. Searching for oil and gas, designing desalination systems and restoring natural conditions in polluted environments – are just a few examples of innovative activities requiring a combination of engineering skills with an understanding of geophysics. The program targets students with a multidisciplinary approach who wish to combine academic studies with practical and environmental challenges. This is a unique degree program aiming to equip students with physical, mathematical and computational tools, alongside enhanced awareness of the ethical and environmental aspects of engineering and earth sciences. Programs combining mechanical engineering and earth sciences are already offered to graduate students (MSc & PhD), but the double undergraduate major is unique - both in Israel and worldwide. Its goal is to create multidisciplinary experts: engineers who are also scientists in fields related to the earth and the utilization of energy resources, and are well versed in the environmental aspects of these areas. This undergraduate double major takes 4.5 years to complete – instead of 4 years for a regular degree in Mechanical Engineering and an additional 3 years for a degree in Earth Sciences. It is offered jointly by 3 participating TAU units: the School of Mechanical Engineering, the Dept. of Earth Sciences and the Porter School of Environmental Studies. Graduates will hold two full and separate degree certificates – one in Mechanical Engineering and the other in Earth Sciences.

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