Research areas School of Mechanical Engineering

  • Energy and Heat Transfer
  • Systems
  • Environment
Energy and Heat Transfer
  • Heat and Mass Transfer, Porous Media, Energy, Solar Energy, Desalination, Free Convection, Environment Control, Bio-Engineering Solar Energy and Free Convection Laboratory

    Prof. Abraham Dayan


  • Solar Energy, Photovoltaic System, Thermal Systems, Cogeneration, MEMS, Heat Transfer, Radiation, Optimization, Optical Concentrators, Desalination.

    Solar Energy Laboratory   Aerodynamics Laboratory

    Prof. Abraham Kribus

  • Flow Control, Detachment, Shearing Flow, Boundary Layers, Laminar Flow, Turbulent Flow, Unsteady Flow, Aerodynamics, Atmosphere, Wind Energy.

    Aerodynamics Laboratory    Microfluidics Laboratory

    Prof. Abraham Seifert

  • Strategic Planning, Enterprising, Energy Systems, Technological Education, Turbulent Flow, Boundary Layers, Free Convection, Solar Energy, Solar Cooling.

    Not Affiliated

    Hydrodynamics, Heat Transfer, Multi-phase Flow, Radiation, Solar Energy, Vaporization, Condensation.

  • Multiphase Flow Laboratory

    Prof. Yehuda Taitel (Emeritus)

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