Electrical and Electronics engineering - Physical Electronics

The field of physical electronics, which deals with the physical aspects of modern applied electronics - semiconductors, electro optics and fiber optics, nanotechnology, renewable energy and microwaves - is rapidly developing and is playing a major role in both developments and improvements in the hi-tech, science intensive industry found in Israel.

Main research groups:

Electrooptics:  Nonlinear Optics, Photonic Crystals, Plasmonics, Ultrafast optics, Nanophotonics, Photoacoustics, Optical fibers and communication, and diffractive optics.
Materials Devices and Energy:  Nanotechnology, Biosensors and Bio-inspired nanomaterials, Lab on a chip technologies, Electrical discharge, Theoretical modeling of materials and devices, and Photovoltaic power conversion and processing  
Electromagnetics:  Propagation and Scattering in Complex Structures, Antenna Design, Radio frequency integrated circuits, mm-wave CMOS circuits, and Microwave interaction with materials.

  • Energy and Power Electronics
  • Electro optics, Micro and nano optical devices
  • Electro - magnetics
  • Micro electronics, Nano technology, Materials
Researcher Research Topics
Dr. Amir Natan Quantum theory based modeling of novel materials and devices. Multi-scale theories for photovoltaics and energy storage. Interaction of light with matter. Modern band theory of solids. Dielectric behavior at interfaces
Prof. Gil Rosenman Bionspired nanomaterials. Peptide nanostructures: self assembly and basic physical properties. Peptide nanophotonics and optical waveguiding towards implantable biomedical chips
Prof. Yosi Shacham Semiconductor devices, VLSI & ULSI Interconnects, nano-bio interfacing and biosensors
Prof. Arie Ruzin  Semiconductor detectors for X- rays, gamma-rays, MIP particles, etc.; compound semiconductors; radiation induced defects; atomic force microscopy; nano-contacts; semiconductor device simulation; memristors; analog VLSI circuits
Prof. Eran Socher RFIC, mm-wave and THz CMOS, high speed communication, mm-wave and THz imaging and sensing, RF-interconnect, nano-scale CMOS circuit design
Prof. Reuven (Raymond) Boxman (Emeritus) Electrical discharges, plasma, electric arcs, microwave plasma: energy transfer, behavior in magnetic field, coating, nano-particle production, water treatment, lighting
Prof. Yael Hanein Neuroprosthetic devices, micro and nano fabrication methods, nano-systems, nanotube technology, cell patterning methods, skin electronics
Prof. Menachem Nathan (emeritus) 3D thin film batteries, snapshot spectral imaging, solid state THz sources, photonic crystals, MOEMS, MEMS, spectral Imaging
Prof. Yossi Rosenwaks Nanoscale electrical measurements, nanoscale gas sensors, multiple state transistors, nanowire transistors, 2D transistors and materials


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