World of EE series Sponsored by TAU - International School of Engineering

A Taste of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology and Application

12 December 2017
EE series Sponsored by TAU

Lecture series for undergraduate EE students, covering various fields at the forefront of modern technology. The lectures will address basic technological principles as well as market needs, challenges, current technologies and new, innovative solutions. The lectures will be followed by open discussions.


The Road to Autonomous Car by Prof. Avidan Shai 

Abstract: The cars of the future will be autonomous. Engineers all over the world are working very hard to make it happen sooner, rather than later. I will describe one aspect of this effort, the one involving computer vision.

Lecture held at Wolfson Building, room 130 SUNDAY 14.01.18   4:30PM


Miniaturization of Radio Circuits for the Mobile World by Prof. Socher Eran

Abstract: Communication has a profound impact on our way of life and communication technology is transforming it. In this talk we will discuss some of the hardware principles of wireless communication and how device technology has been miniaturizing our communication devices and making them more mobile and energy efficient. The prospects of using devices at frequencies orders of magnitude higher than the mainstream, currently under research, will be discussed as well.

Lecture held at Wolfson Building, room 130 SUNDAY 07.01.18   4:30PM

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