TAU's Faculty of Engineering launches new academic collaboration with Yeshiva University of New York

Students from Yeshiva University will be able to complete their BSc in Engineering at TAU

29 November 2017
Yeshiva University

The International BSc Program in Electrical & Electronic Engineering will permit students from Yeshiva University  (YU) in New York to complete their BSc at TAU's Faculty of Engineering, and ultimately find their place in Israeli industry.


The International BSc Program at the Faculty of Engineering

The International BSc Program in Electrical & Electronic Engineering is an initiative of TAU President Prof. Joseph Klafter.  Established by Prof. Anthony Weiss, the Program is headed today by  Prof. Ehud Heyman . It is based on the regular (Hebrew) BSc Program in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering – with some adjustments in the structure of the final year, adapting the specialization courses to the preferences of the target audience.


The Program is the only one of its kind in Israel. Its goals are: training engineers who, upon returning to their home countries, will form a bridge between Israel's hi-tech industry and the local industry; training new immigrants (olim) who wish to study Electrical & Electronic Engineering in Israel, but cannot do so due to language barriers; and developing the academic ties between the Faculty of Engineering and other academic institutions worldwide.


The Program's outstanding students may go on to graduate studies at the Faculty of Engineering .  Several outstanding students who have already completed the International Program are studying for their MSc through the direct research program at the School of Electrical Engineering.    


The new Collaboration with Yeshiva University

Yeshiva University, an academic institution of the Jewish Orthodox Movement in the USA, combines undergraduate studies in the Humanities and Sciences with Holy Jewish Studies. Offering no BSc of its own in Engineering, it runs a joint program with Columbia University (CU) in New York, which comprises two years at YU, followed by three years at CU, finally granting students both a BA from YU and a BSc in Engineering from CU.


The new collaboration between YU and TAU's Faculty of Engineering will be similar in nature, targeting YU students who wish to study Engineering in Israel for various reasons: a wish to attend school in Israel, making Aliya, establishing connections in the Israeli hi-tech industry, etc. The Faculty of Engineering and TAU have taken on this special challenge, driven by a sincere wish for contact with Orthodox Jews in the US. The Program will provide students with the most advanced scientific and technological education, at the level offered by TAU's Faculty of Engineering.


How will it work?

Students will study at YU for two years, taking basic courses in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science – as well as general and Holy studies, in accordance with the TU curriculum. Outstanding students will be admitted to the International Program at TAU's Faculty of Engineering, where they will study for three more years, acquiring a BSc in Electrical & Electronic engineering from TAU. They will conclude  their studies with a final project in industry, carried out either in the US or in Israel.


"We have no doubt that students who choose our program will be able to find employment in hi-tech, both in Israel and the US," says Prof. Ehud Heyman, Head of the International Program. "We hope and believe that by working in the Israeli industry, they will contribute to the integration of the Israeli Haredi sector in the country's engineering industry."  

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