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Research Topics Researcher
Digital communication, mobile communication, error correction codes, direct and iterative decoding methods, signal generation/detection for optical communication Dr. Ofer Amrani
Error correcting codes, soft decision decoding, HDPC codes. Decoding by Deep Learning & Neural Networks. Turbo coding and decoding, linear-programming and iterative decoding. Pseudocodewords and convergence analysis. Graphs and trellises of block codes. Coded modulation, lattice codes. VLSI architectures, systolic & many-cores arrays, Networks-on-Chip Prof. Yair Beery (Emeritus)

Information theory, communication, statistical signal processing, estimation theory 

Prof. Ofer Shayevitz

Fiber-optic transmission and communications. Nonlinear propagation, polarization mode dispersion, polarization dependent loss, theory of detection and noise, quantum information in fiber systems, laser dynamics and mode-locking. Prof. Mark Shtaif
Digital speech processing, speech coding, speaker verification. Symbolic computation for certain signal processing algorithms Prof. Yuval Bistritz
Information theory, error correcting codes, codes on graphs and iterative decoding algorithms, LDPC codes, polar codes. Deep Learning, automatic speech recognition. Prof. David Burshtein
Information theory, network information theory, linear/lattice codes,  space-time codes, MIMO communication, quantization methods, statistical signal processing Dr. Uri Erez
Information theory, universal prediction and coding, communication over unknown channels, feedback, rateless codes, practical lattice codes, network coding, topics in signal processing Prof. Meir Feder
Auditory signal processing, physiological signals analysis, acoustic noise reduction, neural information analysis, hearing aid design Prof. Miriam Furst-Yust
Statistical signal processing with applications to: source localization, wireless communication and physics, environmental sensor networks Prof. Hagit Messer-Yaron
Error-correcting coding, digital communication Prof. Simon Litsyn
Modulation, detection,  coding, mobile communication, satellite communication, synchronization, equalization Dr. Dan Raphaeli
Estimation theory, statistic signal processing, high-order statistics, system identification, communication, speech signals, images, radar, sonar, estimation theory, statistical signal processing. Prof. Ehud Weinstein
Indoors/outdoors navigation, emitter geolocation, multipath, array processing, time delay estimation (TOA), differential doppler, angle of arrival, received signal strength (RSS), direct position determination (DPD), performance bounds, SAR, radar, sonar. Prof. Anthony Weiss
Parameters estimation, independent component analysis, latent variable analysis, blind source separation and blind equalization, source localization methods, generic tools for statistical signal processing Prof. Arie Yeredor
Information theory, lattice coding in information theory, multi-user problems, source coding, joint source/channel coding, multiple descriptions, information theory and statistics. Prof. Ram Zamir
Synchronization in digital receivers, adaptive systems, OFDM, CDMA, Kalman filter, GPS, disruption canceling, non-linear process filtering, non-linear equalizers Prof. Ben-Zion Bobrovsky (Emeritus)
Radar systems, radar waveforms, radar detection, CW radar signals, navigation and position determination Prof. Nadav Levanon (Emeritus)
Linear filtering, non-linear filtering, stochastic process estimation, diffusion estimation in series theory Prof. Robert Liptser (Emeritus)
Error correction codes, decoding methods, information theory, digital communications Prof. Jakov Snyders (Emeritus)
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