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Electronic computing devices (namely computers) are arguably one of the most important technological breakthroughs of the twentieth century, starting with theoretical work in the 1930’s. The constant progress in this area comes from constant improvement in the technology to implement computers, and from developing new ways to exploit technology. As computer systems are increasingly becoming a central ingredient in the modern world, various new problems keep coming up, be it due to new capabilities or to new demands. In the Computers Research Group we try to answer some of these questions and possibly pose new ones. More specifically, we are studying questions related to the construction of new systems, and algorithms in various settings. 
These include:

  1. Computer architecture, microarchitecture, virtual machines, multicore, multithreading, memory systems
  2. Classical algorithms, solving various practical problems with guaranteed performance in the worst-case
  3. Modern algorithms, including randomized  algorithms and on-line algorithms
  4. Algorithms used in communication systems
  5. Study of the Internet
  6. Design and analysis of distributed and parallel systems
  7. Security and privacy in computer systems
  8. Design and analysis of cryptographic tools
Researcher Research Topics
Prof. Guy Even Computer arithmetic, approximation algorithms, online algorithms, decoding of error correcting codes. Frequncy assignment in Wirless networks.
Dr. Shay Solomon Algorithms and data structures, algorithms for dynamic networks, distributed computing
Prof. Avishai Wool Computer, network, and wireless security, smartcard and RFID systems, Firewall technology, and side-channel cryptanalysis
Prof. Shlomo Weiss Multicore clusters, 3D IC, hardware accelerators, massively parallel processors, embedded systems, low power design
Prof. Simon Litsyn Error-correcting coding, digital communication
Dr. Michael Margaliot Stability analysis of switched systems and differential inclusions, optimal control theory, systems biology, mathematical modeling of mRNA translation, Boolean control networks, contraction theory.
Prof. Boaz Patt-Shamir Distributed computing, communication networks, parallel algorithms, protocols, recommender systems, collaborative filtering, theory
Prof. Dana Ron-Goldreich Sub-linear algorithms, property testing, randomized approximation algorithms.
Prof. Benny Applebaum Cryptography, computer security, computational complexity, random constraint satisfaction problems.
Dr. Itzhak Tamo Storage systems and devices, Coding theory, Computer systems design and fault tolerance
Prof. Yuval Bistritz Computer algebra and symbolic computation
Prof. Yuval Shavitt Mapping of the Internet, Internet measurements,algorithms for big data, QoS, peer-to-peer networks, routing in ad-hoc networks, TCP protocol, decentralized algorithms, location problems
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